INROADS Partners with STEMBoard to Expand Programming




With 15 years of experience at the company, Barrett Wragg serves as a divisional sales manager with T. Rowe Price. Barrett Wragg started at the company as a college intern while participating in the INROADS program, which provides opportunities for youth from underserved communities and prepares them for business leadership.

At the end of 2016, INROADS announced a strategic alliance with STEMBoard that will facilitate the creation of new opportunities for students in STEM fields. STEMBoard is committed to closing the achievement gap by working with underrepresented youth and giving them the tools they need to create innovative technologies. The two organizations had previously collaborated on the development of two summer programs for high school students focused on entrepreneurship and engineering design.

The partners have created a strategic plan for furthering both of their missions that involves three points. First, STEMBoard created a hardware project designed to encourage pursuit of STEM careers that was implemented in select INROADS programs. Second, an INROADS program in Atlanta partnered with local under-resourced schools to recruit female students into a STEM program. Third, STEMBoard organized a technology camp called Mini-Hack that emphasizes entrepreneurial principles and encourages innovation in participants.