Two Anxiety-Driven Habits That Increase Fear of Public Speaking

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Public Speaking

Barrett Wragg has worked at T. Rowe Price in Maryland for approximately 15 years. Outside of work, Barrett Wragg maintains an interest in public speaking and has volunteered with the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education. Many people have anxiety about the thought of speaking publicly, and this issue can lead to behaviors that actually increase their level of fear.

The first problematic behavior is rushing through the speech. People often begin to speak quickly because they simply want the experience to be over as quickly as possible. This behavior, however, interferes with proper breathing. Short, shallow breaths can increase feelings of panic. Speaking quickly also creates a barrier between the speaker and the audience, which could struggle to understand. This issue relates directly to the second bad habit.

Anxious speakers sometimes ignore the audience because they think that this will make them feel less at ease. Ignoring the audience compels speakers to concentrate on their own thoughts, which tend to be much more negative than any reaction that the audience would have. Speakers then become even less receptive and wind up feeling worse than if they had welcomed audience interaction.


MentorZing Celebrates the Impact of Mentors

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Volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters is a proven opportunity to invest in the future generation. Barrett Wragg, a vice president with T. Rowe Price, recognizes the benefits of this kind of investment and has been involved with the organization for several years. Big Brothers Big Sisters strives to match professional mentors with kids that need a supportive adult influence. When people like Barrett Wragg join together to make an impact in their communities, at-risk kids, their families and their schools are all positively affected.

Every year, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake hosts MentorZing, a fundraising event that raises funds and awareness for the beneficial work of the organization. At the event, prominent area leaders share about the impact of mentorship within their industries. Those who are involved with mentoring have the opportunity to motivate volunteers and bring to life what they do.

After the April 2015 riots that took place in Baltimore, Big Brothers Big Sisters received 200 requests for mentors for area youth within a four week time frame. Normally, the organization receives 200 requests over a two year period. The MentorZing event held in June of that year was a timely reminder of the need for mentoring and the positive impact it has on area youth.

University of Maryland Omicron Delta Kappa Chapter Has 89 Year History

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University of Maryland Omicron Delta Kappa

An assistant vice president at T. Rowe Price, Barrett Wragg is responsible for maintaining a network of financial services professionals across the mid-Atlantic and for increasing the presence of the firm among stakeholders. As a student at the University of Maryland, Barrett Wragg was a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa (OΔK) Honors Fraternity.

University of Maryland’s “Sigma Circle” of OΔK dates back 89 years, to 1927, when the six founders began selecting members of OΔK to join the new group. There are several noteworthy former members of Sigma Circle, all of whom were inducted either as students, faculty, or honorary members. These distinguished alumni include President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Vice President Alben W. Barkley, Navy Admiral and former Director of Central Intelligence Stansfield Turner, and Congressman Steny Hoyer, who has represented Maryland’s 5th congressional district since 1981.

Sigma Circle takes pride in its traditions, including its Annual Awards Banquet and its annual recognition of high school leadership, which it does by giving out a $1,000 scholarship to a selected incoming freshman. The fraternity also has a fountain in its honor on McKeldin Mall. All members’ names since 1927 are engraved in granite on the OΔK Fountain.

Maryland Business Roundtable Boosts STEM Interest in Local Schools

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Maryland Business Roundtable

Barrett Wragg, Vice President of T. Rowe Price, is responsible for forging new relationships between the company and financial advisors across the Mid-Atlantic. As an experienced financial services professional, Barrett Wragg is a member of the Speakers’ Bureau for the Maryland Business Roundtable.

The Maryland Business Roundtable consists of leaders across various industries who aim to inspire and motivate students to pursue challenging professional careers. For instance, students at Pikesville High School recently benefited from a statewide effort to inject more talent into the state’s science and technology labor force through an initiative known as the STEM Specialists in the Classroom Program.

The program, which was launched by the Roundtable, involves, speakers coming into classrooms to demonstrate to students the real-world applications of science, technology, engineering, and math. These representatives come from governmental and academic institutions such as the Food and Drug Administration, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The Roundtable created the program with the intention of providing students with the education they need to pursue STEM-related employment.