About Barrett Wragg

Barrett Wragg

As a regional investment consultant and vice president with T. Rowe Price in Baltimore, Maryland, Barrett Wragg builds connections with fee-based advisors. He markets the company’s products to a diverse audience of professionals, including attendees at industry conferences across the United States. He works toward strengthening existing relationships with advisors as well. Dedicated to ensuring that all fee-based advisors have up-to-date knowledge of company offerings, Barrett Wragg helps advisors to understand the products most relevant to their particular clientele.

Barrett Wragg accepted his current position in 2009, having previously served as an assistant vice president within T. Rowe Price. He served in this role for five years, during which time he hosted events that enhanced relationships with strategic partners. Wragg rose to the assistant vice president position in 2007, having previously served as an internal sales consultant.

Awarded a bachelor of science from the University of Maryland’s finance and marketing program, Barrett Wragg graduated in 2001 with a grade point average of 3.7. He has since returned to campus as a speaker and panelist at several special events, including a 2005 workshop on investing as a college student.


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