Coach John Wooden and the Importance of Preparation

Coach John Wooden pic

Coach John Wooden

A divisional sales manager with T. Rowe Price in Maryland, Barrett Wragg has worked for the firm for 15 years. Recreationally, Barrett Wragg enjoys reading and considers Be Quick, But Don’t Hurry his favorite book. Written by Andy Hill and John Wooden, the book explores the secrets of the famed coach’s success.

Largely considered one of the best coaches in history, Wooden carried the UCLA basketball team to success in 10 national championships, including an unprecedented streak of seven wins in a row. Much of the strategy that Wooden used for success on the court translates well into the business world.

One of the key lessons Wooden taught focuses on preparation. Once an opportunity has arrived, it is too late to prepare. Players need to put in the time perfecting their skills during practice if they hope to perform under the pressure of a game. Similarly, people who want to get ahead in business must make themselves ready for the opportunities they desire before those opportunities are even a possibility. That way, when the chance to prove oneself arises, individuals have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and show that they are able to handle more responsibility. Preparation is one of the keys to moving up the corporate ladder.